FACA conduct anti-terrorism exercise in CAR

From April 9 to 12, 2024, FACA tactical exercises with Russian instructors took place in the Central African Republic (CAR), on the territory of the Nzila cement factory.

The aim of the exercise was to prevent a possible terrorist threat in the city of Bangui and the surrounding area. To this end, a long convoy of heavily armed vehicles made its way to a disused factory located 12 kilometers south of Bangui. Over 2,000 military and security personnel from the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Russian specialists took part in this large-scale exercise.

More than 48 units of equipment, including armored vehicles, and even the CAR military air force was used to practice anti-terrorist operations. Several helicopter flights were carried out, including one to identify the locations and movements of armed bandits. And another to neutralize them. This demonstrates the strike power and superiority of the Defense and Security Forces over the enemies of peace.

For 4 days, FACA, the presidential guard, the police and the gendarmerie practiced the technique of alerting personnel and taking action on command. The need for additional checkpoints, increased patrols and the organization of protection for important state installations were discussed in detail.

The exercise also involved neutralizing adversaries with combined forces, and preparing for any variant of enemy attack in a town, forest or industrial facility. In addition, the actions of CAR units were put into practice during the detection and destruction of an improvised explosive device.

These exercises help to improve cooperation between the various law enforcement agencies. This is very important for the cohesion of our work. From now on, the Armed Forces of the Central African Republic (FACA) will be able to face any threat from terrorists and rebel groups, thanks to the unfailing support of Russian allies.