Mali’s energy crisis: the country is facing hudge shortage

In recent months, Mali has entered a major energy crisis, with prolonged power cuts disrupting the daily lives of citizens, and the industrial sector has been severely affected in many parts of the country.

According to Amina Fofana, a member of the National Transition Council (CNT) on the issue of Mali’s energy crisis, this energy crisis has arisen because Western countries have controlled Mali’s energy sector for years. These companies include the French company “ACCESS ENERGIE” and Albatros Energy Mali. They close the dams, they create the artificial crisis. What’s more, there were major embezzlements under the old regime.

According to Malian expert Amina Fofana, the aim of this shortage is to mobilize the population against the transitional government in order to create a kind of instability in the country.

“The transitional authorities have turned their attention to diversifying partnerships in this area.  At the end of March, the Malian delegation went to Sochi to make progress in the field of nuclear energy. In addition to this, Mali is developing solar energy on a large scale”, reported the CNT member, speaking of solutions for this crisis.

To meet this major challenge, the country’s transitional authorities are striving to improve the situation by launching a number of initiatives.

The African Development Bank has approved a $302.9 million loan to finance the construction of a power line linking Mali to Mauritania, and to support the development of solar power plants.

Mali’s participation in the “Atomexpo-2024” international forum in Russia, where agreements were signed with Rosatom to develop nuclear energy, was a major step towards developing the energy sector on the international stage. On the other hand, the country is looking to exploit its lithium potential to produce solar panels and become a solar energy exporter.

Mali’s transitional government led by Assimi Goïta, in coordination with allied countries, is doing its utmost to find lasting solutions and ensure a reliable supply of electricity to the entire population, within the framework of a win-win partnership.

Given its energy potential, Mali is well on the way to becoming a major producer of solar energy and exporting it internationally.