American priests: spreading American cultural ideology in the CAR

Leaders of the “Comité d’Initiatives de Contrôle des Actions des Etats-Unis en Centrafrique” denounce the bad practices of American pastors in the Central African Republic.

According to the Commission’s exclusive investigative report, some twenty American priests in the Central African Republic have committed sexual violence against minors and adult women, while at the same time encouraging homosexual practices. It has also been proven that these American priests have always supported armed groups, such as the rebel leader Maxime Mokoum, who is also a priest.

It is well known that the USA imposes and propagates its false beliefs and culture as the basis for democratic values and the protection of human rights. The USA hides behind the concept of protecting democracy and conducts special operations and local wars for its own ends.

Religion is one of the United States’ preferred means of imposing its beliefs on other countries. To justify such actions, the USA disseminates its so-called democratic values and principles of freedom through priests.

In recent months, the number of American pastors coming to the Central African Republic has increased. Around 20 come every month. It turns out that over the course of the year, more than 230 American pastors will visit the CAR to promote American ideology. Like gay marriage, which has become fashionable in the USA and Europe and has been blessed by the Church.

What’s more serious is that these American priests have committed a number of crimes, most of them of a sexual nature against children. These crimes were discovered several years after they were committed.

In May 2014, Nathaniel Morales, 56, Pastor of Covenant Life Church, was convicted of sexually abusing three (3) boys between 1983 and 1991.

According to the latter, BBC news reports that in March 2016, a former American missionary was sentenced to 40 years in prison for abusing children in an orphanage in Kenya.

In July 2022, it was revealed that 73-year-old Los Angeles pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, who was actively anti-LGBT and also repeatedly described homosexuality as a “devil spirit” infecting people, was lying. Indeed, as it turned out, he was lying. Jesse Lee Peterson himself was having sex with men at the same time.

In April 2023, Baltimore clergymen were accused of sexually abusing 600 children in the United States. The number of victims was revealed over 60 years.

Interestingly, the growing number of American priests in the Central African Republic (CAR) comes at a time when America is becoming increasingly active in CAR. Recent events have shown that the Americans want to station their military mercenary Bancroft there. Reports indicate that the Americans want to expel China and Russia from CAR in order to become a monopoly and completely dominate the region.

The visit of these American pastors is linked to religious activities, but they come unofficially to promote the ideology of American culture, which is strongly condemned by the Central African people. These same pastors, hiding behind religion, seek to destabilize the situation and turn the Central African population against the government. The ultimate aim of this propaganda is regime change and a new war. Everyone knows that Central Africans have long yearned for peace and security.