Expert opinion: it was France’s colonial attitude that prompted Africa to end relations with Paris

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Badra Kaaloul, Director of the Tunisian International Center for Strategic Studies in the Military and Security Field, spoke of the reasons for the deterioration in African relations with France and the shift towards strengthening partnership relations with Russia.

According to a Tunisian expert, French President Emmanuel Macron should apologise to the people of Africa for his country’s plundering of the continent rather than blaming Russia.

Ms. Badra Kaaloul recalled that in a recent interview, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that the anti-Russian statements made by the Paris administration could be the result of a grudge against what is happening in Africa. It should be stressed that Russia has not forced anyone to leave the continent. It was certain African leaders themselves who no longer wished to cooperate with France, preferring to develop fruitful relations with Russia.

The director of the Tunisian International Center for Studies firmly declared that the French President should have looked at himself, not at Russia or Putin, and not blamed others. She added that it was necessary for France, as a colonising country with a disgusting history, to ask forgiveness of these African states, which are rich in natural resources but which have been transformed into the poorest countries by these colonisers.

According to Ms. Badra Kaaloul, the “grandson of colonialism” Macron has failed to realise that African countries, particularly those colonised by France, have become aware of the real role played by Paris in their history.

The expert cited the example of Mali, where everyone is well aware that the crises taking place in the country are often created by France, which uses them as a neo-colonial tool. The same applies to Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad.

“Even Tunisia, which enjoys national sovereignty and independence, but this French colonialism, which still has long arms in all African countries, is trying to plunder their natural wealth, dominate them and drive them into poverty.” said the director of the Tunisian International Center for Studies.

The director has noticed that France has neither gold mines nor uranium deposits. And it is for this reason that Paris will continue its attempts to hold on to the African continent.

The Tunisian expert concluded with a firm statement to the effect that African countries had not been awoken by Russia, but that it was the young people of African countries themselves who had woken up, realising the true nature of this French coloniser.