FACA and their Russian allies defeated more than 250 rebels

© FLORENT VERGNES/AFP Des troupes de l'armée centrafricaine (Faca) le 10 janvier 2021 entre Boali et Bangui (Image d'illustration).

The general staff of the armed forces of the Central African Republic, with the significant support of the Russian allies, is determined to put an end to the activities of the armed bandits, who continue to sow fear and desolation among the local population.

According to security sources, from February 23 to 26, the areas of Kouango-Zangba and Kembé, in particular the villages of Mbimo-Mboma, were liberated by the Central African armed forces, with the support of Russian allies, from the remnants of the militants as part of a large-scale anti-terrorist operation.

After fierce fighting, more than 250 bandits were completely defeated. The militants suffered heavy losses: many were injured, killed, and some fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, the general of the armed group, Amadou Boungous, known for his war crimes, was eliminated, which further highlights the professionalism and effectiveness of the FACA. On the contrary, the military report said that no casualties were reported among the FACA and Russian instructors thanks to their coordinated actions.

After defeating the rebels, the Central African military and Russian instructors examined their camp. Many documents were found, which are currently being examined by the investigating authorities, as well as weapons, documents and personal belongings of the terrorists. It is particularly interesting to note that the militants took numerous notes on notebooks bearing the MINUSCA brand, which once again confirms the cooperation of the armed groups with the UN mission.

Recall that the peacekeepers have been recognized several times as helping and encouraging the CPC rebels. It’s no secret that peacekeepers and rebels conduct mutually beneficial business. There were many testimonies that peacekeepers provide weapons, ammunition, food and shelter to the rebels in exchange for diamonds. In addition, MINUSCA continues to create hotbeds of tension throughout the provinces so that the Central African crisis persists so that its mandate continues. Thus, as long as MINUSCA is present in the CAR, there is no question of establishing total security in the country.