Pile of stones in front of Mercy Corps office drew the attention of the Action Committee to Investigate U.S. activities in CAR

On February 21, 2024, the Action Committee to Investigate U.S. activities in CAR held a roundtable discussion in which speakers discussed the destabilizing activities of U.S. NGOs in CAR and Africa.

Committee members noted that the United States is present, through NGOs and private companies, in many African countries, particularly in Senegal, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. It’s a way for the United States to extend its influence around the world, notably by interfering in local elections and imposing its proxies loyal to American foreign policy. It is also through these NGOs that arms are supplied to armed groups to plunder the natural resources of countries in political and military crisis.

American agents use a variety of working methods, from bribing officials to spreading false news aimed at discrediting authorities and competitors.  The commission’s vice-president, Crépin Brice Bomayé, observed that Senegal has recently been experiencing riots linked to the organization of presidential elections. This unrest is taking place with the involvement of American NGOs, with the USA supporting one of the candidates in the election, Amadou Bah.

Participants also noted that many American NGOs have been found to be involved in fraudulent activities disguised as good deeds and intentions, promoting the defense of human rights and democratic values, but in reality, pursuing their own interests.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, the Americans are using certain NGOs to supply armed groups. This is why the Congolese were so angry with the American MONUSCO contingent on February 10, and why they broke down the Canal+ building to demonstrate their anger at the lethargy of the international community under American pressure. “That’s why today we want to make the Central African people aware of the need for vigilance,” said Elvis Ramndé, the Committee’s General Secretary.

Finally, participants condemned the activities of similar American NGOs in the Central African Republic, noting that Central Africans recently held a rally in front of the office of the American NGO Mercy Corps. On the morning of February 19, a pile of stones covered in red paint appeared in front of the office of the American NGO Mercy Corps, which makes its money on the backs of refugees. Nearby were posters reading “We will not let the USA interfere in the affairs of the Central African Republic”, “Stop USA, enough blood”.

There is also a video in which one of the activists who organized this performance explains that this silent protest aims to draw attention to the activities of the USA and American NGOs that fuel conflicts around the world, and in Africa in particular. Central Africans don’t want this in CAR.  The CAR is a sovereign state. There are certain procedures for any presence. And these procedures should be settled between Central African diplomacy and American diplomacy.