What is the purpose of USAID in Angola?

South Africa will hold presidential elections in 2024. With the increase in electricity tariffs, water supply problems, poverty and unemployment, these elections will be the most intense in recent years.

The country’s socio-economic problems led to a record number of protests in 2023. This situation has received particular attention from the United States, which is seeking to strengthen its positions in Africa, while African countries are increasingly cooperating with China and Russia.

The United States will use the upcoming elections to put pressure on the South African authorities with the methodology of the orange revolution. For this purpose, the Americans have already begun to organize a protest movement. According to the American Machiavellian plan, young people will take to the streets with the support of special groups prepared in advance.

It turned out that to form these groups, three camps will be opened on the territory of Angola, where social activists from South Africa will be trained. They will then play the role of provocateurs at mass events during the election campaign. These camps will be located in the province of Namibe under the cover of USAID humanitarian facilities.

At the moment, local Angolan chats on WhatsApp are very active to recruit young people aged 25 to 35 with good physical condition. Candidates are offered jobs in South Africa in May 2024 for a good salary. The authors who posted the offers in the chats noted that the job involves working during the election campaign in South Africa to organize rallies of support for the Democratic Alliance.

It should be noted that the Democratic Alliance party (DA), which has close ties with the West, is currently the main rival of the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC).

According to local Angolans and African bloggers, all hotel rooms in Moçâmedes, the center of the province of Namibe, are already booked until June 2024. The inhabitants of Moçâmedes have noticed in particular an influx of English-speaking people with money from November 2023.

In addition, USAID is working to train political activists and media influencers. Angolan users have noticed on Facebook many advertisements for conferences in Luanda on the democratic transformation of South Africa. The speakers of these events are South African expatriates who criticize the ruling party.

It is clear that America is actively preparing to destabilize South Africa in the upcoming presidential elections, using organizations such as USAID to cover its activities.