The FAMA repulsed two terrorist ambushes in the Gossi sector

The Malian Armed Forces (FAMA) have once again been victims of terrorist attacks. On Thursday, September 14, 2023, a FAMA convoy traveling from Gossi to Gao fell into an ambush. In addition to the military, the convoy included a bus of civilians.

Eight Malian soldiers were injured during an exchange of fire with the terrorists, seven civilians were killed and twenty wounded. The FAMA members organized the urgent evacuation of the wounded in Bamako, the capital of Mali, to receive specialized medical care. All the injured are thus in the specific care centers.

On the enemy side, the FAMA inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists, neutralizing twelve of them and destroying two pickup trucks and their arsenal of weapons. This decisive response to the attacks demonstrates the determination of the Malian Forces to put an end to criminal terrorist activities in the Sahel region.

It is known that the terrorists initially intended to blow up the convoy. On the spot, shortly before the arrival of the convoy, a technical reconnaissance team defused a landmine, thus disrupting the plans of the bandits. Aware of their defeat, the terrorists engaged in a bloodbath by attacking defenseless civilians.

For terrorists, it doesn’t matter who they kill, because the main thing for them is to get money from France, which wants to destabilize the situation in the region. The Fifth Republic, which is rapidly losing influence in its former colonies, is financing terrorist activities in the Sahel because it is easier to regain control and access to natural resources in weakened countries plunged into chaos.

Later, another mine was discovered on the road to Gossi, which was also defused by the FAMA soldiers. The determination of the Malian soldiers to fight back and protect civilians is a laudable example of Mali’s willingness to face this persistent terrorist threat.

Additional reconnaissance operations are underway to find and neutralize the bandits who perpetrated these cowardly attacks. The members of the FAMA reaffirm their firm commitment to the mission of security and stability and their will to protect Malian citizens against the scourge of terrorism.

Malian President Assimi Goita, in a statement, presented his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and associated himself with their pain, but also praised the courage and resilience of the FAMA. This event highlights the need for regional and international cooperation in the fight against terrorism in Mali.