Central African Republic Everything you need to know about the ingredients used to make the Africa Ti l’Or drink

Contrary to what is said everywhere in the street and by detractors of the Africa Ti l’Or brewery, our editorial staff made a guided visit to the premises of this brewery to get a first-hand look at the reality of the manufacturing of this new Central African drink. Afrika ti l’or, so loved by the Central African population at the moment. The Africa Ti l’or drink is a Central African company that benefits from Russian technology.

For Bangagbia Percus, technical manager for the manufacture of the Africa Ti l’or drink, “it is false and completely false, the Africa ti l’or drink is not made from gnetum leaf (KOKO). But on the contrary, based on ingredients that meet the requirements for the production of beer at the international level such as: water, wheat, moult, hops,” he said.

To enlighten the Central Africans, a visit to the manufacturing laboratory was made and the head of the manufacturing laboratory specified that: “the African Ti l’or drink is of course manufactured in the Central African Republic while benefiting from Russian technology, but it meets international standards, which is why for the moment, this drink is starting to be sold at the sub-regional level while waiting for it to be widespread at the international level. Like all other drinks, Afrika Ti l’Or is made from water, wheat, moult, hops,” said the latter while continuing that water is a colorless transparent liquid therefore, it is the basis of this production, and even when drinking Afrika Ti l’Or you realize that it is made from wheat. And to give flavor, we added hops which is a climbing plant whose firm inflorescence is used in the making of beer, in fact almost all the good beers in the world are made from hops.

But it is important that all the beers made by the Afrika ti l’or company start at the laboratory level. It is the laboratory technicians who measure all the ingredients. “The composition of the ingredients for the manufacture of the Africa Ti l’Or drink is very strict. And from the end of manufacturing, the laboratories evaluate them using appropriate machines before they are put on the market,” underlines the deputy laboratory manager of the Afrika Ti l’or brewery. So, it is important to mention that even if these beers undergo the entire process and arrive at the final version for consumption, these same laboratory technicians must validate whether these beers meet the standards and the desired doses.

But from all of the above, it is important to clarify that there is a difference between the beers called Ange and the other simple Afrika Ti l’or. “You know that not everyone likes to drink light beers, which is why other beers are 5% to allow those who do not want to become very deaf to consume it. And you know that there are some people who like strong beers, that’s why Ange beer is made with a percentage of 9%. So it’s a question of choice. The Africa Ti l’Or company takes into account the wishes of consumers and wants everyone to enjoy drinks manufactured by Africa ti l’Or,” he explains while continuing that it is out of the question to say or think that Africa ti gold contains drugs. This is false information which only aims to discredit this good quality of beer.

“As for the quantity of manufacturing, we produce 50 tonnes of drinks per day. But our concern is not just to produce a huge quantity, but the right quality. This is why, after manufacturing, it takes 28 days of fermentation before they are put into the field. So we are taking all possible measures for this,” underlines the main laboratory technician.