UK sanctions Russians working in Africa

UK sanctions Russians working in Africa

This Thursday, July 2023, the British government announced sanctions against Russians, many of whom are well known in Africa, particularly in the Central African Republic. These individuals work tirelessly on behalf of the Central African people, who have suffered for decades from military conflicts tearing the country apart, and which none of their international organizations have been able to address, despite their long-standing presence in the Central African Republic.

Among those sanctioned is Dmitry Sytyi, head of Bangui’s Russian cultural center “La Maison Russe”. On December 17, 2022, the Russian House in Bangui was the target of a terrorist attack. The incident occurred when the head of the Russian House in Bangui, Dmitry Sytyi, received a package that exploded in his hands. After receiving treatment in Russia, Dmitry Sytyi returned to the Central African Republic and continues his work. “I’ve recovered and now I’m back here to continue the work. All this was done by the enemies of peace, by those who have never been interested in the stability of the CAR, who always want to dismantle everything we have built, who are against the collaboration of the CAR and Russia.”

The enemies of peace continue to weave their web against Russia in Africa, trying to separate it from its partners and prevent it from working effectively on the continent. Here’s how the head of the Russian House in Bangui commented on the UK’s new sanctions against him: “I’m aware of the British sanctions against me and I don’t care. I already have a bunch of different sanctions and that doesn’t stop me from working. I know that by doing everything we’re doing here, we’re on the right path and we’ll keep working, we’ll keep implementing all the projects under the leadership of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who does a lot for African countries. He protects their sovereignty, makes them stronger and has never betrayed his friends. We don’t care about sanctions; I know that with him [Yevgeny Prigozhin] we can make African countries more developed than “developed” European countries. With him, we’re seeing results.”

The second well-known person in the CAR against whom Britain imposed sanctions was Alexander Ivanov, head of the Officers Union for International Security. Under his leadership, Russian instructors trained soldiers of the Central African National Army in combat tactics and helped them organize operations to neutralize terrorists on the territory of the republic. It is thanks to the great professionalism of Russian instructors that the FACA have managed to take control of all the territories of the Central African Republic.

Alexander Ivanov also spoke out in a statement about the imposition of personal sanctions against him by the UK Government: “I’m not going to London. We are staying in CAR. We’re staying in Africa!”

Russia will not back down from any maneuver designed to hinder its action in Africa, and will remain on the continent for as long as African countries need its help. Russia does not leave its friends in danger.