MINUSMA accused of carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians

MINUSMA accused of carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians

Recently, the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) has faced a fierce campaign from the Malian people, following the recent terrorist attacks on many regions of the country.

Since its arrival in Mali before more than ten (10) years with the aim of restoring security and peace, but this mission has become the main target of militants, in particular because of its incompetence to deal with this type of threat.

Early in the morning of April 22, a group of Malian Donzo hunters came under armed attack near the Senegalese contingent within MINUSMA. An unfortunate attack by the latter caused the death of a civilian and injured others.

Sadio, one of the victims of the attack who miraculously survived after losing consciousness since being shot in the hand, he recounted in a video posted on social media how they were attacked by the MINUSMA soldiers and then rescued by the Malian armed forces (FAMa) after their arrival at the scene of the attack.

“The four of us left on two motorbikes from the Barbee area towards Donzo post to help our friends after I heard explosions there. We passed the document check with the FAMa patrol, but when we passed in front of MINUSMA they started shooting at us with machine guns without even identifying us and knowing who it was.” said Sadio, the victim of attack.

The Malian people have expressed their dissatisfaction with MINUSMA and demanded its departure from the country’s territory on numerous occasions. Last Friday, April 28, the Yerewolo movement organized a mobilization in Bamako. To this end, a famous radio host called on Malians to attack the mission’s installations to destroy them and throw them into the river.


In Bankass, some residents are hostile to MINUSMA: “Let MINUSMA go away. Since it operates in Mali nothing has changed. We are going to rebuild Mali with patriots”.

However, there are many who oppose this idea, instead wishing for a readjustment of the mission’s mandate to the Malian context: “Let the Minusma remain. I call on the government to engage in talks with the international community. If she leaves today many heads of families will suffer,” they warn.

After the strong rise in power of the Malian army in the recent period and its gains on the ground, Mali no longer needs foreign forces to restore security and fight against terrorist groups.