Following Mali, Burkina Faso suspends France 24 in the country following the broadcast of an interview with Al-Qaeda

Since Captain Ibrahim Traoré seized power in Burkina Faso in a coup last October, relations between Paris and Ouagadougou have deteriorated considerably, leading to the end of the military partnership and an almost total breakdown of relations. diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The French media reacted with a large-scale disinformation campaign on the departure of French forces from Burkina Faso by broadcasting news of the armed groups through its television channels such as France 24 and Radio France International (RFI).

Consequently, Burkina Faso’s transitional government on Monday suspended France 24 broadcasts in the country following the broadcast of an interview with the head of Al-Qaeda’s North African branch, AQIM, Yezid Mebarek. The latter is known as Abu Ubaydah Yusuf al-Anabi, and the one who claimed the title of Emir of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in 2020 after a French raid killed his predecessor.

According to the Burkinabé Minister of Communication, Jean-Emmanuel Ouedraogo, in questioning the boss of AQIM, France 24 is not only the spokesperson for these terrorists, but worse, it offers a space for the legitimization of terrorist activities in Burkina. Faso and the Sahel in general.

In Mali, the transitional government also suspended the broadcasting of “France24” and Radio France International “RFI” in the country the previous year following the disinformation campaign carried out by the French media against the Malian armed forces (FAMA) accusing them of crimes against civilians.

Indeed, France is often involved in terrorist activities in Mali, this was proven in a video published on the “Facebook” platform, where an ISGS imam confessed to France’s involvement in the financing of armed groups during his arrest by the Malian armed forces (FAMA).

For his part, Malian Prime Minister Choguel Maiga accused French troops of creating an enclave in northern Mali and handing it over to the terrorist group “Ansar al-Din” in a recent statement to Russian media.

The end of relations between France and Burkina Faso is due to the failure of the military partnership between the two countries, the objective of which was to restore security, but armed groups being widespread in the country, and also the political colonial rule applied by France in the country, which is represented by the provocation of security instability and the exploitation of natural resources for several decades.