The President of the Council of the Russian Federation meets the Head of the Malian Parliament in Moscow

Relations between Russia and African countries have developed significantly in recent years, as many African countries that suffer from security and economic problems, such as Mali, have been forced to ally with Russia in variousss fields.

As part of the second “Russia-Africa” International Parliamentary Conference held in Moscow on March 19 and 20, 2023, the President of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, met the President of the National Transitional Council of the Republic of Mali, Malick Diaw.

During this meeting, the President of the Federation Council thanked Malick Diaw for his active participation in the second Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference in Moscow. She also pointed out that at this level, the tone of relations between the two countries is set by the heads of state of the two countries who keep under their control the most important matters of mutual interest.

“Our country actively participated in the creation of the Malian state, provided considerable assistance in the implementation of major economic projects, the construction of civil infrastructure, research, the development of agricultural land and other areas”. Said Valentina Matvienko on cooperation and ties between Mali and Russia throughout history.

She said the world situation is still very unstable and global security is under great pressure, but he called for faith in the unity of allies and their mutual support.

“We support the formation of a more just polycentric architecture of the world order, based on international law and the strengthening of the central role of the UN. Russia does not accept the West’s policy of diktat and blackmail against sovereign states, unjust policy and attempts to establish its total dominance on the world stage by circumventing norms and rules set out in the Charter of the United Nations”, added the President of the Council of the Russian Federation about the proximity of the points of view of Russia and Mali on the current international situation.

For his part, Malick Diaw spoke of the need to continue to develop the partnership between Mali and Russia and to broaden the dialogue between parliaments.

The partnership between Russia and Mali is expected to continue to grow in the coming years in many other areas, especially after the termination of relations between Mali and France the previous year, which is what prompted the government of transition in Mali led by Colonel Assimi Goïta to cooperate a more effective ally.