French fighter planes at Moundou airport, on the border with the Central African Republic

The situation on the Central African Republic’s border with Chad has worsened in recent days. There have been recent reports of movements of armed groups from the borders of the Central African Republic. In addition, sources close to the Central African Armed Forces report that training camps for rebels have been observed on the territory of neighboring countries.

Satellite images of the Moundou airport, located 100 km north of the border between the Central African Republic and Chad, showed the presence of French military transport planes and fighter planes.

Satellite images taken at 4 days interval, the image n°1 was taken on December 11, 2022:


Picture number 2 was taken on December 16, 2022. This satellite image number 2 shows a C-160 Transal military transport aircraft and 3 French Mirage 2000 multi-role fighters


The most important question here is: why are there fighter planes at Moundou airport, located 100 kilometers north of the borders of the Central African Republic?

The presence of these planes comes immediately after the departure of the last French soldiers from the Central African Republic, and as news of a possible future attack against the Central African Republic is multiplying.

Enemies of the homeland are lying in wait in the country, which for the first time in years is experiencing a period of stability and peace, and they are trying to destabilize the country, as evidenced by the terrorist attack on a cotton factory in Bossangoa, and the package delivered to the Russian house in Bangui.

The CAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the UN Security Council to conduct a full investigation into the financing of these criminal groups that threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.