Paris intensifies its disinformation campaigns in Africa, especially in Mali

After the last speech of President Macron, the Elysee Palace began to spread false information on the African continent, in particular on Mali, trying to bait African bloggers with thousands of euros, a French propaganda agency is at work in Africa, lies, manipulation and defamation. France uses several methods to win the trust and hearts of Africans in its favor. France uses the television channels that broadcast the history of the Elysee to consolidate its influence, while publishing positive messages about France’s activities in Africa and social media that discriminate against leaders unfavorable to France.

A few days ago, a campaign of poisoning and manipulation was launched with the aim of changing public opinion and erasing the bad image of France. Some pages on social networks, especially on Facebook, have published videos showing French interference in the countries of the African continent with targeted political content, with the objective of influencing the minds of Africans on topics favorable to the French government.

They post specifically anti-Russian content, trying to make believe that people favor this type of hate-inciting against one of the major Mali’s partners. The truth is that there is no person shown in these photos, thus the fact is that the idea is not supported by the people and is yet another Parisian conspiracy. Like these inexplicable images, that we found edited in a fake account:

As it was discovered by the investigators, there are Frenchmen working on hiring local people in order to post information, dictated by Paris. Here are some images below that show us a discussion on WhatsApp between a Frenchman who calls on a Malian, to give him instructions, to make posters and banners, etc.:

This propaganda is carried out by an agency called the African SMM and the Development Agency. It employs many Africans from different countries such as Mali, Senegal and Benin, Previously, these collaborators were responsible for information support to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, during the 2022 election campaign.

However, this French agency only works on brainwashing African citizens to create an atmosphere conducive to France in the countries of the continent. This agency thus promotes publications that discredit the Malian President, Assimi Goita and which call for the strengthening of France-Africa cooperation. This proves that French policy aims to destabilize Mali, to provoke revolts against the government to change it against a pro-French puppet government. This will be the perfect scenario for the French government.

The French presence in Africa is now to deploy drones to film “imaginary mercenaries” in Mali and to pay young Africans to do pro-French propaganda