Felix Moloua discusses important issues of the Central African Republic at the St. Petersburg Forum

The Central African Republic participated in the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, with a high-level delegation led by Prime Minister Felix Moloua.

Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Felix Moloua, expressed his country’s gratitude for Russia’s cooperation with the Central African Republic in the field of security, stressing that his country is under international pressure due to the strong relationship that he has with Russia.

“I have to thank Russia, because without cooperation with it in the field of security, our country would have remained in a state of total insecurity. Russia immediately responded to the call of the Central African head of state, and today the situation is improving,” said Felix Moloua.

Moloua also commented on threats from the West to withdraw financial support from the Central African Republic because they are cooperating with the Russian Federation: “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provided us with a benchmark program and we implemented it successfully, and we continue to do so. Unfortunately, geopolitics interfered at the end of this program because of our cooperation with Russian, and then all the pressures were put on us to physically suffocate us and distract us with the armed groups on the borders”.

“We realize that the Russian Federation has the necessary experience, expertise and capabilities that allow us to exploit our wealth and establish peace, and therefore Russia will help us improve security conditions,” he added.

About the historic decision to adapt Bitcoin, Minister Moloua said that it is an economic recovery plan and provides for the achievement of strong and inclusive growth for the benefit of development and economic performance in the Central African Republic.

It should be remembered that the adoption of the law on Cryptocurrency in the Central African Republic, is also a necessary means of creating a stable and necessary economy.