Casamance/ rebel attacks: an endless movie?

Four soldiers killed and seven hostages, this is the result of the Senegalese army after a clash on 24 January in Casamance, bordering the Gambia.

These soldiers who died on the battlefield were part of the West african mission contingent in The Gambia. The military said the conflict had occurred in the context of a security action and the fight against illicit trafficking, including the criminal ex ploitation of wood.

According to some indiscretions, the Gambian and Senegalese governments sent emissaries for the unconditional release of the hosta ges to the rebels of the Casamance Democratic Forces Movement.

Salif SADIO, the rebel leader, has set conditions for a possible release . He called on the Gambian government to expel Senegalese soldiers serving in the West African mission, who were hindering their positio ning.


For decades, this area has been deserted and the inhabitants have folded their luggages due to the insecurity that reigned there. The area is occupied by what the army calls “weapon carriers”.
In 2021, the movement included several subgroups: North of Casaman ce, the group of Salif SADIO and other branches incarnated by César BADIATE, Ibrahima KOMPASSE DIATA.

For the record, Casamance is the scene of one of the oldest conflicts in Africa. After devastating the economy and destroying many families, the conflict continues to decline.

According to reliable sources, Senegal and neighboring countries such as Gambia are converging to normalize the situation and resettle the displaced.