In CAR, a French Mirage plane crossed the air border at Moyenne-Sido

The Central African Republic, in cooperation with the Russian Federation, has managed to restore security stability, after an intense electoral period, during which several armed groups sowed violence throughout the country, and has refused to follow the terms of the peace agreement signed in Khartoum.

The violence in the Central African Republic has displaced more than 200,000 citizens in less than two months, and more than half of them have fled to neighboring countries. But the question is, how long will the country continue to control its lands?

Before answering this question, and as part of external interventions threatening security and population, a video clip was released today on social networks, showing a French plane that stormed the air borders of the Central African Republic yesterday morning at around 11 a.m., and according to reports, the French plane “Mirage” flew over the sky of the border village of Moyenne-Sido (is a locality of the commune of Sido in the prefecture of Ouham in the Central African Republic), the inhabitants of the area quickly saw this plane, the noise of which shook the village, and they took a video.

This scene aroused the anger of the local population, because they considered the intrusion of the sovereign state’s air borders without permission, which would threaten the stability of the country, and according to some political analysts, this intervention is considered one of the means of French intrusion into the country.

Local residents also added that this intervention was not the first of its kind, as they had already seen such aircraft before.

Indeed, the situation on the border with Chad continues to worsen. The crisis began after a clash with rebels on May 30 on the territory of the CAR, near the Central African village of Sourou (The Chadian village is called Soulou). According to our information, among these rebels were Chadian citizens.