The UN mission in CAR is again into a trouble

Today 10 August 2021 a road accident with the participation of the truck of the UN mission perpetrated on the road near TRADEX in the capital of Bangui. According to information from residents of the neighborhood, the woman who was behind the driver was injured. The victim has a broken leg. Fortunately, the truck driver did not flee from responsibility this time.

Photos taken by a Facebook user show the accident site with the vehicle registration numbers of the “UN”. Another accident occurred in CAR involving peacekeepers.

On 17 May 2021 an unfortunate event took place in Amadagaza in the west of the Central African Republic. A vehicle belonging to the Tanzanian MINUSCA contingent fatally crashed into a motorcycle taxi in the locality, sparking a popular uprising of the residents in the face of an act of contempt by the blue helmets.

To resolve the situation, the peacekeepers tried to give the victim’s parents the sum of 10,000 FCFA, and some food products. The act that aroused the anger of parents who revolted. When the parents of the deceased wanted to file a complaint, Tanzanian peacekeepers seized the motorcycle and wanted to take the body away. Immediately, the population rose up against the Tanzanian contingent.

July 3, a similar fact it happened. A MINUSCA truck hit a motorcycle taxi on Avenue de France. The accident caused the death of one person. And despite the act, the driver of the truck fled and according to witnesses, he hit motorcycles during his passage. The accident made the population to react: the went out to the streets to show their discontent and demand justice.

MINUSCA has continued to show its true face since its arrival in the Central African Republic. While UN experts file reports on alleged abuses by FACA and its allies, UN troops feel free to commit the crimes and go unpunished.