Property Network Partnership (PNP) Officially Launches, at the International Property Show Virtual Edition

The global organisation offers several features to maximise opportunities for all — Agencies, Developers, Investors, Intelligence, Media, Events, Forums, Auctions, Awards and Its World-Class Business Complex, the PNP Hub.

Dubai, UAE (Release date) – The Property Network Partnership (PNP), a global organisation that aims to establish strong connections among all individuals and organizations in the real estate industry around the world officially launches.

Dubbed as the ultimate property destination, the Property Network Partnership is said to be the first of its kind in the globe as it serves multiple roles for the real estate industry in order to fulfill its fundamental goal of supporting and fortifying the local, regional and global markets.

As a whole, PNP serves as a worldwide association that facilitates the communication of all active members in the industry, including top real estate developers and investors from all over the world, providing the opportunity to grow globally, expand one’s professional network, and increase business transactions. Its members also benefit from finding the best investment opportunities as it showcases both the latest and upcoming projects in the industry.

Moreover, it acts as a complete and reliable source of information as it provides comprehensive information about real estate; from key property details, to real estate auctions that take place anywhere in the world, up to the latest news, statistics, research reports and industry studies.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the Property Network Partnership addresses the need to give a major boost to the property industry, and become a powerful medium to counter the global impact of pandemic by helping its members establish collaborations, stimulate business transactions and regain the momentum in the real estate sectors.

“The current pandemic has brought the global economy to a great uncertainty and it is definitely having a huge impact on the real estate industry worldwide. The launching of the Property Network Partnership is a highly opportune time to help the industry, not just in the UAE, but throughout the world and provide more opportunities to expand their network, boost their businesses and access the information they need in order to stay informed, updated, and productive amidst these challenging times.” said Dawood Al-Shezawi, President of the Property Network Partnership.

“Despite the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on the market, Dubai has been resilient in terms of its real estate activity over the past few months. This is because of the utmost support of the government and the people behind the real estate sector who continuously work hard to uplift the industry’s status. Thus, PNP was also created to serve as a gesture of support to all professionals and organizations in real estate to help them strengthen their networks, their career and businesses,” he added.

The Property Network Partnership offers a wide variety of features which were systematically developed to maximise opportunities for the global real estate community.

PNP Agencies helps members find different properties from any parts of the world. Members can get detailed information about each property, description, location, website of the real estate agency, as well as the required documents to facilitate the completion of property transactions.

PNP Developers gives members an excellent opportunity to connect with the world’s leading real estate developers and explore their existing and future projects, as well as the events they launch. Network members can also communicate with them directly for inquiries or discuss about a specific project.

PNP Investors serves as the “Ultimate Investor’s Guide,” to help PNP members find the best investment opportunities from different countries. It also enables connection and communication with potential investors wherever they are in the world.

In PNP Intelligence, members can gain access to exclusive reports such as the latest statistics, researches, economic forecasts, and new market opportunities related to property. They can also see the ranking or popularity of a particular developer, the number of followers, the most viewed properties as well as the different transactions within a particular field.

PNP Media highlights the latest news and developments related to the property sector worldwide. Members can also follow the social media platforms of PNP’s various media partners to keep abreast of the newest trends in the realty sector.

PNP Events features the current and future events in the real estate industry such as exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and webinars to engage and network with property developers, real estate agents, buyers, financial services providers, insurance services, and many other industry professionals.

Through PNP Forums, members can discuss relevant issues and the latest topics in the real estate sector. They can also ask questions to top real estate experts and gain useful insights about the industry. Members can share tips and advice on everything related to property; from buying off plans, financing, and insurance, among others.

In PNP Auctions, members can easily locate and purchase their dream property on sale in real time as they have access to details of real estate auctions taking place in any part of the world. In partnership with international auction sites, PNP can simplify public real estate auction procedures for its members.

The network also aspires to motivate and appreciate the people in the industry through the prestigious PNP Awards. It aims to celebrate excellence and recognize the most successful real estate projects, best developers, top real estate agencies and leading professionals in the industry.

The PNP Hub is an international real estate hub that serves as a world-class business centre complete with first-rate facilities specially designed to support all types of real estate events. It features well-equipped multi-purpose rooms that can be setup in various configurations Exclusive B2B rooms, Business lounges, Media convention hall, Real estate offices, Weekly/daily networking centre, Exhibition area, to host a wide array of real estate activities. This business complex, located at the heart of Dubai, is a high-class business environment conducive for facilitating discussions and real estate business transactions, as well as building partnerships in the real estate industry.

The Property Network Partnership welcomes the membership of developers, investors and real estate agents, as well as other valued sectors such as the media, publishing, auction services, and regulation organization sectors.