Top 5 Technological Important Things Happening in Africa Today

Africa is gradually becoming one of the major tech hubs in the world. Numerous technological advancements and developments have been witnessed in the continent in the last one year. Bookmakers such as tlc188 have ventured into the African betting market. Consumers, creators, and curators play a crucial role in transforming Africa. Here are the top five important things happening in Africa today.

03 Jui 2019    

Outsourced IT Work

There is a high demand for reliable software developers worldwide. The youth comprise over 50 percent of the population in Africa. The continent could train local software developers who can get hired by European and American tech firms. For example, Andela is a Nigerian startup firm which trains software developers. It hires skilled developers to various tech companies. Andela's main mission was to train people with particular skills to finance their studies.

Mobile Money Services

Research reveals that a huge portion of the African population doesn't own bank accounts. There are different mobile money services such as MPesa that help people send and receive money through their phones. Africa is currently leading in mobile money transactions. By 2016, over 100 million operated mobile money accounts according to McKinsey. The services include insurance and credit.

Digitized Land Registries

Some parts of Africa lack genuine land registries thus resulting in frequent land disputes. In some regions, the land registry officials tamper with the registers to illegally transfer land to other individuals or organizations. Modern technology including Blockchain is applied in some areas to record data such as agreements, contracts, and transactions. For example, WISsKey, a Rwandese cybersecurity firm applies the blockchain technology in its land registries.

Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are rapidly gaining popularity globally. Rwanda is among the leading African countries to welcome drone technology. It has vast tracts of land that lack a clear flight path hence making drones ideal for delivering small packages. Companies such as Zipline deliver anti-venom, blood, and vaccines using drones.

Advanced Solar Panels

National grids in most African countries struggle to meet the huge demand for electricity. It is tricky for them to reach people living in undeveloped regions. Renewable energy is a viable source of energy in such places. For instance, Peg Africa produces affordable solar panels to serve people who are excluded from national power grids. They allow clients to pay in small installments.

Modern technology has brought numerous changes in industries such as business, education, construction, automobile, and transportation. Africa has several emerging tech trends such as digitized land registries and the use of drones for surveillance. Internet is also accessible in most parts of the continent.

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