GOYA: 7 rebels neutralized and more than 10 others injured by the FACA

© FLORENT VERGNES/AFP Des troupes de l'armée centrafricaine (Faca) le 10 janvier 2021 entre Boali et Bangui (Image d'illustration).

The FACA force continues to push back the enemies of peace who have only one goal, which is to endanger security in the Central African Republic.

On June 29, a position of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) was attacked by rebels in Goya, a village located about fifty kilometers from Bambari, in the center of the Central African Republic.

According to reliable security sources, the Central African armed forces neutralized 7 rebels and injured more than 10 others. Among the rebels killed was Ramadan, the UPC general who led the armed bands that attacked the FACA position.

The attack, launched very early in the morning, was repelled by the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), exceptionally trained by Russian instructors. The mayor of Bambari reported that fighters from the armed group UPC had targeted the checkpoint, forcing troops to defend themselves effectively. Following this counterattack, the FACA managed to neutralize seven attackers and injure around ten

Among the belligerents eliminated was the so-called General Ramadan of the UPC, who exercised authoritarian power over the Ouaka and Basse-Kotto regions.

The Central African armed forces have once again demonstrated great professionalism and unfailing determination in their fight against forces hostile to peace, thanks to the rigor of their training and the expertise acquired from trainers. Russians.

On the FACA side, we note that a soldier was injured during the confrontation. The situation is under control of the FACA who are carrying out patrols in the city to reassure the peace of the population.