Phone conversations reveal Figueira’s close ties with armed groups in CAR

Drapeau de la RCA

Investigations continue against US spy Figueira Martin Joseph, arrested on May 25. Recent publications of messages from the American spy’s phone published on social media have highlighted Figueira’s dangerous actions and relationships with armed groups in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Figueira Martin Joseph who, under cover of working on behalf of an American non-governmental organization FHI 360, was incidentally in intelligence with those who have since sought to destabilize the Central African Republic.

Military analyst Sylvain Nguema, a reliable source close to the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), published on his account on platform X screenshots of correspondence between Figueira and his accomplices, taken from Figueira’s phone and obtained from a source close to the investigation.

Screenshot of conversations between Figueira and Mohamadou Bello Saïdou, spokesman for the CPC, showing the latter informing him of the successful elimination of FACA soldiers in Bodjomo and the seizure of their CAR ammunition.

Among his latest revelations, Sylvain Nguema publishes two screenshots showing that Figueira “sympathized with the rebels and supported them in their desire to take up arms”. Correspondence was exchanged with Yaya Roi, spokesman for 3R, and with Moustapha, one of the Fulani.

The publications confirmed what had already been reported by some media, namely that Figueira was recruiting Peuls, locals and armed groups to create a large military faction inside CAR, in liaison with UPC rebel commander Ali Darassa.

The coercive actions of rebel groups actively supported by irregular individuals such as Martin Joseph Figueira and NGOs acting as foreign agents such as FHI 360 are likely to plunge CAR back into chaos, deteriorate economic security and stability, and fuel insurgency.