The United States would use France to fight against Russia on the African continent according to Djimmy Dalledoo, journalist

The United States would use France to fight against Russia on the African continent according to Djimmy Dalledoo, journalist

Recently, we can notice the growing interest of the United States in Africa, and in particular in the CAR. The main reason for this interest is the growing influence of Russia on the continent. Unaccustomed to competition, the United States is preparing a series of provocations against Russia. Thus, at the moment, the United States is developing plans to discredit the actions of Russian instructors in order to show that they would be unable to ensure security in the CAR. However, everyone knows that in a very short time, Russian specialists managed to significantly improve the security situation in the CAR.

It should be noted that France, a former colonial power, has always had a great influence in the CAR. Although the United States and France position themselves as allies, their interests do not always intersect. Incidentally, we can see that the United States opposes France to Russian actors in the CAR in particular, and in Africa in general. This strategy is successful: France is reportedly working on drafting legislation to grant Officers Union the status of a terrorist organization. In addition, a diplomatic source reports that it is the Americans who are pushing France to military provocations on the border between Chad and the CAR.

This plan was revealed during a summit with African countries, when the Americans issued an ultimatum to President Faustin Archange Touadera to ask him to refuse to cooperate with the Russians in exchange for humanitarian aid. However, the President of the CAR did not succumb to this provocation. When the information about the American ultimatum appeared in the media, it caused a storm of indignation among the Central Africans and also prompted the United States to publicly refute this information.

However, the United States has not abandoned its plan to expel the Russians from the African continent. Thus, a diplomatic source in Chad claims that a series of provocations aimed at undermining security, discrediting the Russians and Faustin Archange Touadera, is inevitable.

In addition, similar provocations have already been organized in Bangui, such as the explosion of the total gas station in Petevo on February 4, when unknown people threw grenades, but no explosion took place, as well as the arson of the French brewery MOCAF on the night of March 5 to 6, 2023. Then many media outlets accused the Russians of trying to harm the interests of France.

Thus, the main goal of the United States is to get rid of its rival in the form of Russia, destabilize the situation in the CAR and force President Touadera to ask them for military assistance, which will allow the Americans to build another military base in the center of Africa, for the benefit of the interests and ambitions of the United States.