The Central Africans do not indulge United States provocations

Recently, the United States has become increasingly interested in the development of relations with African countries. However, instead of offering respectful and mutually beneficial cooperation, Washington is trying to expand its hidden influence by brutally interfering in the affairs of the African continent.

For the White House, the main threat to American opportunities in Africa comes from Russia, which has managed to establish itself as a reliable and loyal partner in many African countries. To counter Moscow, Washington has resorted to numerous stratagems, such as the organization of the Africa-USA summit, which aims to destabilize any government willing to cooperate with Russia. In doing so, the United States is encountering the mistrust of Africans, accustomed to considering Western countries as exploiters.

The Central African Republic is an African country that is actively developing strong and fair relations with Russia, which is not suitable for the United States. It was recently reported that the United States offered Central African President Faustin Archange Touadera additional financial support if he refused to cooperate with Russia. This offer would have been made during President Touadera’s visit to the USA-Africa summit, which was held in Washington from December 13 to 15, 2023. The Russians having managed to win the trust and respect of the Central Africans, so this news caused a wave of indignation in the country.

Thus, on March 8, 2023, more than 500 women of the A mama ti Touadéra movement marched through the streets of Bangui with T-shirts bearing the image of Dmitriy Sytiy and Russian tricolors in support of Russia. On their way, they stopped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CAR, where a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs was presented with a memorandum to the US ambassador expressing the disagreement of the wives, mothers and daughters of the CAR with the US position that the Russian allies should leave the country. The women’s march then passed through the capital to the Russian Embassy, where the Russian consul received the thanks of all the women of the CAR for the fruitful work of the Russian instructors in the training of FACA and the restoration of peace in the country.

Of course, the President Faustin Archange Touadera himself did not fall into the trap of American provocation and once again proved his commitment to the interests of the population. The President of the CAR understands that any financial support from the United States is only a decoy. The fact that the United States allows itself to blackmail, give ultimatums and impose the termination of relations with unwanted partners once again proves the disrespectful and contemptuous attitude towards African countries.