The vigilance and professionalism of the MSA, GATIA and the FAMa deal a fatal blow to IS

The issue of ISIS supplies and fuel has always preoccupied everyone, including the Malian armed forces and the Malian people.

In the north, notably in the province of Ménaka, fuel is smuggled in large quantities and by using very complicated schemes.

The plan of the terrorist groups was revealed thanks to the excellent common work of the MSA and GATIA groups, which work in coordination with the Armed Forces of Mali.

The smugglers were found to be working in coordination with subversive local population and ISIS, which made the poor Malian citizen suffer from terrorism, insecurity and fuel shortage.

The coalition of MSA and GATIA elements released a statement in which they said they revealed the trick of bandits who use hidden and secretly packaged canisters to transport them to IS terrorists.

There is no doubt that ISIS terrorists have received a painful hit after their network was revealed, which primarily relies on looting citizens and smuggling fuel.

Coalition vigilance captured, seized and recovered large quantities of fuel after exposing the criminal network, which discovered that local conspirators were aiding the terrorists in their work and delaying their discovery by the Malian armed forces.

The coalition forces which are actively cooperating with the Malian army have put the population of the locality under surveillance to unmask the conspirators in the border area with Niger and Burkina Faso, since the terrorists used in most cases the means of transport running on smuggled fuel and moved from one region to another with the aim of robbing and killing citizens and elements of the Malian army.

Now, thanks to the professional work of the MSA and GATIA coalition, terrorists and infiltrators will be neutralized step by step so that the citizen can enjoy safety and security in his country.