Traces of MINUSCA in the attack on Sikikédé by CPC rebels

On 14 February 2023, rebels from the Coalition des Patriotes pour le Changement (CPC) attacked a base of the Forces Armées Centrafricaines (FACA) in the village of Sikikédé, in the northern Vakaga region. According to the armed group’s report, which has not been verified, 18 soldiers were killed, and three others wounded. Twenty soldiers were also captured.

The rebels carried out the assault with AK47s, RPG7s and DKM machine guns. Many inhabitants of Sikikédé are still camping in the bush. They are trying to escape the harassment of the CPC terrorists.

In addition, testimonies from Sikikédé residents report that a MINUSCA helicopter landed 5 km north of the town before the terrorists began their attack.

Again, a mere coincidence, when just before the terrorist attack the peacekeepers were nearby. Or the facts speak for themselves and the MINUSCA contingent is again supporting the terrorists and behind this terrorist attack, bringing weapons to the CPC elements on board the helicopter.

During the years of MINUSCA’s presence in the Central African Republic, the local population has suffered greatly from the actions of the peacekeepers. What makes MINUSCA very unpopular with Central Africans are numerous crimes committed by the UN mission, including rapes, killings of civilians, fatal accidents, and cooperation with rebels, such as the case of 13 January 2023, when a UN mission illegally transported a dangerous criminal Moctar Younouss from Kaga Bandoro to Bangui without informing the Central African authorities.

In addition, peacekeepers often sabotage the work of the FACA, who are doing their best to protect civilians. Let us recall the case of 21 January 2023 when a drone from the MINUSCA base dropped four 65 mm mines on the heliport of the FACA base in Ndélé. A Mi-8 helicopter, and an aviation fuel depot were severely damaged.

Central Africans no longer want to see a MINUSCA contingent in their country, because instead of protecting civilians and fighting armed groups, MINUSCA soldiers are collaborating with them to destabilise CAR.