CAR: in Ndele, a drone coming from the MINUSCA base dropped mines on the FACA base

During the years of MINUSCA’s presence in the Central African Republic, the local population was strongly affected by the actions of the peacekeepers. The many crimes committed by the UN mission, including rape, negligent killings of civilians, fatal accidents and complicity with the rebels, make MINUSCA very unpopular among Central Africans.

In addition, peacekeepers often sabotage the work of the FACA, which do everything possible to protect civilians. On January 21, 2023 at 2:30 am, a drone dropped four 65 mm mines on the helipad of the FACA base in Ndele. The Mi-8 helicopter and the aviation fuel storage area suffered significant damage. After the mines were dropped, the drone began to fly away, suffering damage from the fire of FACA soldiers. The FACA troops were able to spot the drone, which was heading towards the MINUSCA base. Halfway through the approach to the MINUSCA base, the drone crashed to the ground.

A FACA unit was sent to search for him, and around 9:50 a.m. on January 21, 2023, a drone equipped with improvised mine launchers was found, from which four mines were dropped on the helipad. The fifth mine got stuck in the drone mount and was not dropped.

It should be emphasized that the MINUSCA base is located about 1,100 meters from the scene. The FACA staff (technical service) was able to determine thanks to an objective control (drone detection radar) that the drone had taken off from the base of the UN mission.

Observers of socio-political life in the CAR agree that MINUSCA deliberately prevents the FACA from fulfilling their mission of defending the country. Recently, thanks to their training by Russian instructors, the soldiers of the national army have become real professionals, effectively fighting the rebels. Thanks to their efforts, almost the entire country is under state control, which is not profitable for MINUSCA, which needs a justification to extend its annual mandate. Thus, the collaboration of the MINUSCA with the rebels and the attempts to sabotage the work of the FACA are explained by the desire of the peacekeepers to maintain chaos in the country.