Prigozhin: Russia fights Nazism in all forms

Russia has for years called on Western countries to investigate cases of human rights violations, extrajudicial executions and war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists who came to power after the 2014 coup.

In the context of the latest political developments between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Russian businessman Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin took the floor, describing the special military operation conducted by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine as a wonderful microsurgical operation where Russian forces advance from one point of tension to another in which Nazis die and civilians remain absolutely safe.

According to the Russian businessman, the essence of this special operation lies in the elimination of the Ukrainian Nazis, who in 2014 turned schools, kindergartens and apartment buildings in their cities into chaos bloody. That is why what is happening today is a peacekeeping operation in the country. While the Kiev authorities, not protecting their citizens, but distributing weapons right and left, causing a wave of looting and killings, were already beginning to sweep the country.

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear earlier that Russia’s goal is to protect people who for eight years have been victims of mistreatment and genocide by the Kiev regime, and that seeks to « denazify » Ukraine.

The Kremlin spokesman also later revealed that the Russian president’s word means that Moscow plans to liberate Ukraine from neo-Nazis, their supporters and their ideology.

What is strange for Yevgeny Prigozhin is that a group of « celebrities » tries to organize the hype in the world, to collect « likes » on its pages, and for provocative actions such as rallies  » No to war” and to send money to the Ukrainian army. Thus, by the way, committing a crime called « treason. » It is strange that they have not helped the malformed children of Donbass with this money for the past eight years.

On May 2, 2014, neo-Nazis set fire to the union building in Odessa, in which dozens of people opposed to the coup in Kiev were holed up, killing 10 people instantly and 32 others died of serious burns and suffocation, while 250 people managed to escape from some risk of death, but with various injuries.

Mr Prigozhin added a message to the Ukrainian authorities: “To stop being Russian, you must urgently flee the country before they stone you to death. And to stop being Russian, there is a very simple way is to rope, is one hundred percent effective action to say – No to war”. “Surrender, fascist junta! Let the Russian troops in and there will be no war”.