The growing anger of Central Africans against UN is at its height

In the Central African Republic, the level of indignation of the population increases every day, Central Africans take to the streets, day after day, to say it clearly and loudly « STOP MINUSCA », and to show their rejection of the organization’s criminal activities, especially since several times MINUSCA employees have been seen committing crimes such as smuggling, the illegal transfer of arms to the terrorists and other crimes.

The Central African population no longer sees the peace mission as the protector, but rather as an actor that hinders the peace process.

While the mandate of the head of MINUSCA, Senegalese Mankeur Ndiaye will end this month of February 2022, several hundred thousand Central Africans are demanding the appointment of an ethnic Central African at the head of this UN mission. To this end, a large rally was held on February 9: protesters insisted that MINUSCA must now be led by a Central African.

Because only a person coming from Central African Republic can put the end to MINUSCA misbehavior and put the interests of the people of the country first.

Another protest took place just the next day, on February 10 in Bambari. Residents of Bambari are dissatisfied with the actions of MINUSCA, accuse them of collusion with armed groups and demand the withdrawal of MINUSCA from Bambari. Local residents also claim that a group of American and French specialists arrived in Bambari to organize provocations against the FACA and allies. Local residents oppose the provocative actions of the United States and France.

The UN mission has been implicated in numerous crimes against the civilian population of CAR, however, MINUSCA has never assumed responsibility. People can no longer tolerate constant violations by MINUSCA, who cannot be held accountable for the crimes they commit.

On November 1, 2021, a 16-year-old girl died under the wheels of the MINUSCA vehicle: the tragedy that moved the hearts of all Central Africans was never addressed by the UN officials. The authorities of the peace keeping mission prefer to take refuge in silence and shelter the perpetrators.

The girl who died in November is not the only one, a record number of reports of fatal accidents caused by the MINUSCA, the vehicles of the UN mission sow death in the country.

Besides, the peacekeepers have been accused several times of supplying the rebels with military weapons, while the rebels continue their war against the innocent people, and the current government, opposing any possibility of dialogue for peace.  There have been many testimonies from Central Africans who have seen rebels hand over gold to blue helmets in exchange for arms.

Popular anger reached its peak and residents decided to mobilize to express their outrage and demand the immediate departure of MINUSCA. The people are wondering, what will be the position of the Security Council in the face of this compromising situation