IWPG Hosts the 4th International Branch Annual General Meeting

Peace for the world that is paused due to COVID-19” Women’s peace activities from 131 countries shared in era with COVID-19 Active emergency blood donation, anti-discrimination campaigns, and more in each nation

 On January 19th at 2PM(Local Time in South Korea), the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon) hosted the 4th International Branch Annual General Meeting online.

This year marks the 4th meeting where achievements of the past year and the upcoming main plans of IWPG are introduced. There were 102 branches from 131 countries who participated in this meeting where there were congratulatory speeches from H.E. Nadia Hashem Aloul, former Minister of Women’s Affairs of Jordan, and H.E. Yayesh Tesfahuney Kiflay, Member of Parliament, along with best practice speeches.

In Chairwoman Yoon’s opening she said, « In order to overcome COVID-19 and find an alternative, online measures were used to host the International Branch Annual General Meeting. The image and actions of everyone here who loved peace despite these times of hardship will remain in history. » She also added that, « the international peace law for the cessation of war is needed because war is still taking place in different areas throughout the world. If there is no war, then there is no need for an international peace law. However, war cannot be stopped if there is no law which is why IWPG and all the branches are working hard to urge support for the implementation of an international peace law. I ask for everyone to continue to be with us until the day peace is achieved. We Are One! »

H.E. Nadia Hashem Aloul, former Minister of Women’s Affairs of Jordan, said, « 2020 was a very hard and difficult year due to COVID-19. The earth paused and is still paused.” “Despite COVID-19, IWPG hosted the “SOS Campaign” online, as if to prove itself, and worked to prevent discrimination around the world. That peace is in the minds of all women who raise a generation of peace,” she said.

This event presented the role and direction of 3.8 billion women around the world. In addition to the announcement of plans for the new year, there was a time to hear the best practices of domestic and foreign peace activities.

H.E. Yayesh Tesfahuney Kiflay, Member of Parliament of Ethiopia, who presented best practice of peace activists abroad, said, “I dream that the day will come when Ethiopia will be known as a conflict-free country of peace.” “After completing the IWPG Women’s Peace Lecturer Education (PLTE), if all families around the world understand and recognize this education, it will be a great opportunity for individuals and our perspectives to change, and peace is something we can never give up on,” she emphasized.

Continuing on was the presentation of best practice in South Korea by Ms. Baek Lee Jo, Daejeon Chungcheong Branch Manager who said, “We first learned of the high school girl who has acute leukemia through a YouTuber who we signed an MOA with last year. Six branches in the Chungcheong area of Daejeon came together to deliver a total of 860 blood donation certificates received from their families and neighbors directly to the school.” “We will work together to become an IWPG that dreams of taking a new leap forward by communicating with 3.8 billion female members around the world to realize peace.

Larzy Varghees from Mumbai is a principal from St. Matthew’s High School and Junior College who completed the IWPG Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE). In her commencement speech she said she understood deeply that « through this education we need to have the good qualities of peace and need to share that with society. » She also mentioned, « if all women in the world become one team and work together, then peace can be achieved.« 

This year, IWPG is planning to actively promote peace activities in response to the post-COVID19 era with the slogan of “Women Who Lead Peace” and three core values of “Coexistence, Recovery, and Communication.

IWPG is an NGO in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and registered with the Global Communications Agency (DGC). With a motherly heart, IWPG mainly focuses on carrying out initiatives such as urging support for the International Peace Law(DPCW), Women’s Peace Education, exchange and cooperation, and spreading the culture of peace.